Friday, August 28, 2009

Under The Weather Remedy!

Hellooo babies :) *xoxo's*

Soooo, I came down with the sniffles & a head cold yesterday, (thanks mother nature), & sad to say meds didn't help much. It's been one of 'THOSE WEEKS' when you can't seem to find that OFF switch that works your mind & emotions, (that too I can blame on mother nature), and anyone who is in the tri-state area can see what a shitty day she has blessed us with, forecast wise. So boom - I have a slight cold, I'm a bit 'aggy' & the weather sucks..all the while I'm at work with minimal work to do seeing how the honchos have sympathy on my tad bit exaggerated symptoms :). I deleted Twitter - Myspace vamoosed - Facebook is weak, I've already been fall shopping online all week. Checked my favorite blogs, read the Daily News & browsed CNN over what?

Going through my cosmetic bag for my fave Bobby Brown Creamy Lip Color 'Nectar' ;) I realize I need a SERIOUS re-up on makeup. Despite what some close to me may thinkkk *jen/leen* I really DON'T love makeup! I'm actually always indecisive about makeup & end up having tons of junk I don't use...Soo, I decided to actually hit up some makeup blogs & see what's new & worth a good buy.

I went on over to the much raved about makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic's blog & some items sites to search REAL customer reviews, went to Sephora after lunch & got sold on 3 products that I HIGHLY recommend after testing myself:
Every woman who applies makeup on a daily basis KNOWS facial moisturizing is the Fountain of Youth & helps keeps your skin nourished even after heavy application of products. Day & night is a MUST! This product is by Bare Escentuals: RareMinerals Purely Nourishing Facial Moisturizer (retail: $32). It's clinically proven to optimize your skin's ability to absorb and retain moisture for plumper, firmer, brighter, and healthier-looking skin. It also uses a unique electrolyte delivery system in combination with an exotic Resurrection Plant Extract to deeply nourish and hydrate your skin. Rich, yet lightweight and provides an optimal level of moisture, minus the greasy, heavy feel. My new FAVE, dubbed the "Ace of Face". Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup, (retail: $45). Dior takes mineral makeup to a whole new level with this blend of 100% natural mineral pigments and active mineralized water. It delivers flawless, glowing results that actually improve your skin over time. Never cakey, creamy & beneficial..In Lust!

Last but certainly not least, Dior Hydrating Concealer! (retail: $28) If you know me, you know I have this self consciousness of dark circles - their hereditary and unfortunately my fathers side of the family looks sleep deprived for ages!! I've tried many manyy concealers and was never satisfied like I was with this product, not since M.A.C Select Cover Up and Dior surely knocked that one out the box! It's very creamy, which I obsess over, blends well with foundations for a seamless look and most importantly, LASTS with very little application giving you your moneys worth.

Go to your local Bloomingdales, Sephora, Nordstrom etc & get you some! I can't wait to test these products out when painting the city red with the girls ;)

Have a blessed one y'all!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello Young World! xo

1st Blog, 1st Post! This is my Public Service Announcement to my perspective followers..haters..visitors..etc. I've been meaning for sometime now to put together a blog of my own, somewhere to stuff all these ramblings & thoughts that work this mind of mine..(& I promise you'll enjoy). I'll be talking about anything & everything! From music, to books, to politics, to trends/fashion, to education, to worldwide news, to sex, to traveling, to hot spots, to men & women, relationships..Experiences of my own & of those around me. TODO!! (everything). Also, on the left sidebar you will find my "Monthly Insight"..their not to be explained but simply to be read & interpreted in your own way, because "to each is own", but no matter which way that may be - they will spark enlightenment.

Disclaimer: If your sole purpose coming to this very page is to scrutinize as a hobby, a friendly warning, read as you please & keep your opinions to yourself is all I ask. When I witness any foolery, remember you're an IP address away which entails your Name, Address & such..that I am very accessible to. Those who decide to anyhow, will be exposed :)

Soo...Open Your Eyes, Open Your Ears! But Most Importantly, Open Your Heart & Mind When Viewing The World Through My Perspective. It'll Be A Quite A Ride Babies xoxo