Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shoppers, Trendsetters, Fashionistas Etc. Hello LuxGoddess!

At LuxGoddess, they consist of a team of fashion gurus that have just one goal: to find the best deals on the hottest names in designer clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products. It's a revolutionary shopping experience that brings more than 30,000 discounted designer items from dozens of luxury stores and brands directly to you, on one fabulous website.

To begin shopping and saving at LuxGoddess, you set up a customized personal profile to receive e-mail alerts for deals on your favorite designers, or for specific items that match your personal preferences. Their unique shopping experience lets you interact with other LuxGoddess users through their networking feature, and virtual stylists are on hand 24/7 to assist you in finding exactly what you’re looking for.

LuxGoddess brings you designer discounts of up to 75% off every day, and to sweeten the deal, they've partnered with to bring you coupon codes and deals from the top retailers in the business that can be applied to your LuxGoddess purchases for even greater savings.

And here’s another great thing: When you shop at LuxGoddess, your passion for fashion is helping in the fight against breast and ovarian cancers. is very proud to support the fight against breast and ovarian cancer by donating 10% of all proceeds to organizations like Bright Pink, a national non-profit organization that educates and empowers young women with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer to be proactive with their health. We are passionate about making a difference and are grateful for your continued support which allows us to do our part to fight these diseases in a big, bold and bright way!

Diddy To HipHop World 'Take That Take That'...

Diddy's new super group hailed 'Dirty Money' new video/track 'Angel'. I am Absolutely INLOVE w/ this newbie! It's new HipHop, with a slight reggae feel, soul & B.I.G inserts of course, how could you not love it? Hype Williams did his thing with this video, black & white = Classic, chopped it up Lovely. It brought me back...wayyy back. Which is what I wish at times music now a days would do. Now those who know me know how much of a huge part music plays in my life, I live & breathe it, & always 1st to argue about everyone being strung up on the past & not giving new music a chance. So I'd never be one to compare new to vintage or wanting it done the way it has already been done, but the difference & what I wish would be brought back is, how then there WAS RAW, REAL TALENT & SOUL. When music could move you, whether it was your 2step, head bop or swaying at the hips, it just evoked an emotion. & Today, chances of that when I turn on the radio - slim to none. Just tired of teen bop proteges w/ a gimmick to reel in millions.

Ps: I'm praying Diddy can really make this group into something royal like he was known to do. Seems like since the peak of BadBoy circa 112, Faith Evans, Total, Mase, BIG, Craig Mack, Black Rob, Carl Thomas, G. Dep - he hasn't been successful in his search for a 'super group' yet. Dawn just might be that diamond in the rough :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ciao Summer...

...It's been fun Bella, as always.

Well..not completely true. I'm almost thrilled Summer has taken it's course. It was a long walk with a heavy load for me this year. For the rest of the world it was a time to release from ball & chain & do as you please without a care in the world! Vacations, trips, parties, bbqs, beaches, shopping, yachts, events etc. As I pictured that of my own, instead what I got was a whole lot of wake up calls! Which I can't be mad at. Lifes lessons are always a Blessing in disguise. I learned more about myself than I've ever fathomed knowing in a small amount of time. What I stand for, what I refuse to settle for, shedded dead weight, tightened the circle, reinvented myself, took a new love on Art/Photography, decided to step out of ones world & live in my Own. I'll tell ya..the worst of times reveal inner beauty, because their always a test of strength & character. Always know: A minor setback just sets for a stronger Comeback babies. I've got my year planned out for the most part & have challenged myself in all aspects to knock each goal out the box in True Bombshell Manner, Full Force, w/ Sass' & Style of course!

Besides, I'm a Fall/Spring chic 100%! They'll be lovely to me. Ps: Breakup Season is over, which only means Late Fall-Early Winter dubs Cuffing Season. For me it's Comeback Season, all year long naa'meaann! Lol No, but... seriously.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quitting Him, Cold Turkey.

Ever suddenly wake up & feel like God blessed you with a new set of eyes, brand new perception ?

When the games are overdue,
& as a Queen, take notice you'll never fit with a Fool.

When you give up on half empty glasses,
For Greener grasses.

When his pretty mouth, with those pretty white lies,
Defame any faith you had in there being an honest man hiding somewhere inside.

When you realize respect was out the window,
Right after you heard of number 2, 3 & 4.

When you learn with every chance to make it better,
Is an open invitation for him to only make it worse.

When assumptions & rumors,
Get validated & confirmed..'Yes, HER.'

When the disappointments become expected
& The silent cries get neglected.

When you wake up & see,
You're just One, of Many.

Most importantly, When you Realize; He stripped an option from you, & now he's stripped of you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Breaking It Down To A Science...

....Is what I do, what I've always done & how I will always be! By default not by choice, it's something I've sometimes dubbed my 'Gift & Curse'. Trust, at times I wish my mind came with an off switch but..don't we all?

In my mind, I believe everything has some scientific, theoretical, psychological or simply reasonable explanation behind it, behind every word spoken, every move made, every outcome, obstacle, victory & heartbreak..the universe has conspired in some witty yet spiritual way for it happen as is, for an evident reason, & 9 times out of 10 - a reason we have yet to discover. & I always try my best to understand the reason at the present at hand.

I swear I have an obsession with needing to gain perspective & trying to narrow the age-old gap between the sexes & science. Especially in the worst of times!

In other words: When I'm Stuck In The Road Smoke Coming Out The Hood, A True Damsel In Distress...I Need Answers. Not A Fabricated Truth To Block My Riverbank Of Tears Flowing, But INSIGHT & Honesty To Pick Me Up Out Of My Rut. Now The Odds Of The Situation At Hand Being The Same One To Put Us Back In A State Of Bliss...Are Slim To None, Unless You're Talking Fantasy & I Only Deal With Reality.
Though It Is Inevitable That Our Pain Will One Day Be The Reason For Our Joy, Who Will Mend The Wound When It's Fresh? OURSELVES. One Of The Greatest Gifts From Pain Is The Process Of Self Reflection, The 'Who What Where & How' We Got To That Space..You Kind Of Retrace Your Tracks & See What Went Wrong. We Have To Digg Deep Inside Ourselves As A Person & Search For Truth. Because Let's Face It - When Emotions Come Into Play, They Blurr That 3rd Eye & Pacify Intuition As A Woman, Welcome To Limbo!! - That Ugly State Of Confusion Where All Seems Nothing More Than Smoke & Mirrors. I'm JussSayin' Me, As An Individual, When I'm Feeling Lost - I Search For Knowledge For Clarity & Strength. Because The Absence Of Clarity Is The Reason For Our Vulnerability. Women Need Closure & Answers, Or The 'What If' Will Forever Hang Over Our Head.

The Answer Lies In Your Heart Of Hearts Ladies: Just Never Lose Your Voice Of Reason, Your Standards & Your Knowledge Of Self-Worth; When You Regain That Strength You So Easily Eased For A Potential Mate, That's All The Clarity You'll Ever Need In The World. You Know, That 'I'm THAT Bitch!' Feeling *inner Beyonce*

For Instance: You Know Your Most Recent Addition To Male Disappointment? Remember That 1st Little Unpleasant Funny Feeling In Your Gut When Something Slightly Turned You Off Or Didn't Make The Most Of Sense? Yeah, That Was Signal 1 Of The Many More Red Flags That Were Short The Follow. Ultimately, You Stuck Around..& Limbo Was Your Last Stop On That Bus Ride.

We As Women By Nature Always Want To See The Good In Everything, I've Always Questioned Why Is The Woman Always 1st To Crack? Always 1st To Let Down Her Guard & Warm Her Heart Up To Easily & Quickly To A Man, A Man Who In Most Cases Hasn't Showed Her What She Deserves. Because It's Usually The Tired Ole Tale Of The Woman Being Involved With A Prick *excuse me!* Who Treat Every Woman The Same & She Fell Victim To Wanting To 'Show Him Not All Women Are The Same & She's Different' & Believe That If We Stay, Be Passive, Give Numerous Chances..He'll Realize He's Got A Good Woman. WRRRRRRONGG! He'll Realize He Has Found Someone To Place In The Comfort Zone, That Female He Knows He Can Do No Wrong To & No Matter How Bad He Is At Fault - He Knows Tomorrow Night He Can Call You & You'll Still Be In The Wing Willing To Give Some PoonaniMuffin. That My Followers, Is A Fool, & A Fool Is Nothing Good.

If You Possess True Strength, You Wouldn't Feel The Need To Show & Prove To A Soul Because That's A Sign Of Weakness & Insecurity, Young Jeezy Ain't Never Lied!! "LET MY SWAG DO THE TALKIN I DONT SAY TOO MUCH!". Had You Kept Your Strength Intact & 'You Can't Tell Me Nothin'' Appeal, It Would've Been A Challenge & What Man Doesn't Looove A Challenge? Not A War of Ego, But Enough Sweet & Sour To Leave Him At War With His OWN Ego. At Some Point He'll Know What You Stand For, What You Don't & Take Notes- At This Point If You've Been Seeing Him Long Enough For Him To Have An Idea Of This, You Know He's A Prospect. Men Look For Traits In Women That Remind Them Of Home, Mom, & That Is STRENGTH, RESPECT & INDEPENDENCY.
...Remember, Play Or Be Played - Prey Or Be Preyed! It's Just A Game Until We Both Let Down Our Armor & Let Go Of Our Sword, & Not Everyone Is Deserving Of That :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Under The Weather Remedy!

Hellooo babies :) *xoxo's*

Soooo, I came down with the sniffles & a head cold yesterday, (thanks mother nature), & sad to say meds didn't help much. It's been one of 'THOSE WEEKS' when you can't seem to find that OFF switch that works your mind & emotions, (that too I can blame on mother nature), and anyone who is in the tri-state area can see what a shitty day she has blessed us with, forecast wise. So boom - I have a slight cold, I'm a bit 'aggy' & the weather sucks..all the while I'm at work with minimal work to do seeing how the honchos have sympathy on my tad bit exaggerated symptoms :). I deleted Twitter - Myspace vamoosed - Facebook is weak, I've already been fall shopping online all week. Checked my favorite blogs, read the Daily News & browsed CNN over what?

Going through my cosmetic bag for my fave Bobby Brown Creamy Lip Color 'Nectar' ;) I realize I need a SERIOUS re-up on makeup. Despite what some close to me may thinkkk *jen/leen* I really DON'T love makeup! I'm actually always indecisive about makeup & end up having tons of junk I don't use...Soo, I decided to actually hit up some makeup blogs & see what's new & worth a good buy.

I went on over to the much raved about makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic's blog & some items sites to search REAL customer reviews, went to Sephora after lunch & got sold on 3 products that I HIGHLY recommend after testing myself:
Every woman who applies makeup on a daily basis KNOWS facial moisturizing is the Fountain of Youth & helps keeps your skin nourished even after heavy application of products. Day & night is a MUST! This product is by Bare Escentuals: RareMinerals Purely Nourishing Facial Moisturizer (retail: $32). It's clinically proven to optimize your skin's ability to absorb and retain moisture for plumper, firmer, brighter, and healthier-looking skin. It also uses a unique electrolyte delivery system in combination with an exotic Resurrection Plant Extract to deeply nourish and hydrate your skin. Rich, yet lightweight and provides an optimal level of moisture, minus the greasy, heavy feel. My new FAVE, dubbed the "Ace of Face". Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup, (retail: $45). Dior takes mineral makeup to a whole new level with this blend of 100% natural mineral pigments and active mineralized water. It delivers flawless, glowing results that actually improve your skin over time. Never cakey, creamy & beneficial..In Lust!

Last but certainly not least, Dior Hydrating Concealer! (retail: $28) If you know me, you know I have this self consciousness of dark circles - their hereditary and unfortunately my fathers side of the family looks sleep deprived for ages!! I've tried many manyy concealers and was never satisfied like I was with this product, not since M.A.C Select Cover Up and Dior surely knocked that one out the box! It's very creamy, which I obsess over, blends well with foundations for a seamless look and most importantly, LASTS with very little application giving you your moneys worth.

Go to your local Bloomingdales, Sephora, Nordstrom etc & get you some! I can't wait to test these products out when painting the city red with the girls ;)

Have a blessed one y'all!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello Young World! xo

1st Blog, 1st Post! This is my Public Service Announcement to my perspective followers..haters..visitors..etc. I've been meaning for sometime now to put together a blog of my own, somewhere to stuff all these ramblings & thoughts that work this mind of mine..(& I promise you'll enjoy). I'll be talking about anything & everything! From music, to books, to politics, to trends/fashion, to education, to worldwide news, to sex, to traveling, to hot spots, to men & women, relationships..Experiences of my own & of those around me. TODO!! (everything). Also, on the left sidebar you will find my "Monthly Insight"..their not to be explained but simply to be read & interpreted in your own way, because "to each is own", but no matter which way that may be - they will spark enlightenment.

Disclaimer: If your sole purpose coming to this very page is to scrutinize as a hobby, a friendly warning, read as you please & keep your opinions to yourself is all I ask. When I witness any foolery, remember you're an IP address away which entails your Name, Address & such..that I am very accessible to. Those who decide to anyhow, will be exposed :)

Soo...Open Your Eyes, Open Your Ears! But Most Importantly, Open Your Heart & Mind When Viewing The World Through My Perspective. It'll Be A Quite A Ride Babies xoxo