Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ciao Summer...

...It's been fun Bella, as always.

Well..not completely true. I'm almost thrilled Summer has taken it's course. It was a long walk with a heavy load for me this year. For the rest of the world it was a time to release from ball & chain & do as you please without a care in the world! Vacations, trips, parties, bbqs, beaches, shopping, yachts, events etc. As I pictured that of my own, instead what I got was a whole lot of wake up calls! Which I can't be mad at. Lifes lessons are always a Blessing in disguise. I learned more about myself than I've ever fathomed knowing in a small amount of time. What I stand for, what I refuse to settle for, shedded dead weight, tightened the circle, reinvented myself, took a new love on Art/Photography, decided to step out of ones world & live in my Own. I'll tell ya..the worst of times reveal inner beauty, because their always a test of strength & character. Always know: A minor setback just sets for a stronger Comeback babies. I've got my year planned out for the most part & have challenged myself in all aspects to knock each goal out the box in True Bombshell Manner, Full Force, w/ Sass' & Style of course!

Besides, I'm a Fall/Spring chic 100%! They'll be lovely to me. Ps: Breakup Season is over, which only means Late Fall-Early Winter dubs Cuffing Season. For me it's Comeback Season, all year long naa'meaann! Lol No, but... seriously.


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