Thursday, September 10, 2009

Diddy To HipHop World 'Take That Take That'...

Diddy's new super group hailed 'Dirty Money' new video/track 'Angel'. I am Absolutely INLOVE w/ this newbie! It's new HipHop, with a slight reggae feel, soul & B.I.G inserts of course, how could you not love it? Hype Williams did his thing with this video, black & white = Classic, chopped it up Lovely. It brought me back...wayyy back. Which is what I wish at times music now a days would do. Now those who know me know how much of a huge part music plays in my life, I live & breathe it, & always 1st to argue about everyone being strung up on the past & not giving new music a chance. So I'd never be one to compare new to vintage or wanting it done the way it has already been done, but the difference & what I wish would be brought back is, how then there WAS RAW, REAL TALENT & SOUL. When music could move you, whether it was your 2step, head bop or swaying at the hips, it just evoked an emotion. & Today, chances of that when I turn on the radio - slim to none. Just tired of teen bop proteges w/ a gimmick to reel in millions.

Ps: I'm praying Diddy can really make this group into something royal like he was known to do. Seems like since the peak of BadBoy circa 112, Faith Evans, Total, Mase, BIG, Craig Mack, Black Rob, Carl Thomas, G. Dep - he hasn't been successful in his search for a 'super group' yet. Dawn just might be that diamond in the rough :)

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